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In France, to obtain French nationality, you need to prove that you have a spoken and written knowledge of the French language.

To obtain French nationality, applicants must demonstrate language proficiency in accordance with the criteria set out in the Council of Europe's Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL).

  • The A1 and A2 levels are not sufficient to meet the requirements for naturalisation. However, the A2 level allows you to start with basic administrative procedures.
  • The B1 and B2 level is considered an advanced level and may be accepted for naturalisation. However, this may depend on the competent authorities and the policy in force.
  • The C1 and C2 levels are considered to be very advanced and proficient in the French language. Although these levels can be beneficial and strengthen the naturalisation application, level B2 is often the minimum threshold required.

Resources - Official websites

For all administrative information concerning your language course in France, you can consult the official website of the French Office for Immigration and Integration (OFII).

Do you want to access a reliable and comprehensive source of information on learning French as a foreign language (FLE)? Look no further, go to the France Education International website.

For all questions relating to immigration and administrative formalities related to your stay in France, we recommend that you consult the official website of the French Ministry of the Interior.


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