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Discover the different levels:

FLE - Level A1

Explore the basics of French at A1 level through simple, step-by-step modules. Master verbs, numbers, tenses, articles, negation and more.

As part of this linguistic exploration, our programme aims to develop oral and written language skills, which are essential for everyday life and the workplace. By following these modules, learners will have the opportunity to acquire cultural and socio-linguistic skills, thus facilitating their social and economic integration.

FLE - Level A2

Our FLE training programme - A2 level is tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to learn French for personal, professional or academic reasons, we have courses and resources to help you achieve your language goals.

FLE - Level B1

Discover French at B1 level in a flexible and adaptable way. From sharing aspirations to preparing for the DELF exam, master the essential skills through simple, progressive modules.

In this language immersion, our programme aims to cultivate language skills, both oral and written, applicable to everyday life and the professional environment. Learners will also have the opportunity to acquire cultural and social language skills, helping to facilitate their social and economic integration.


In order to pass the DELF A2 exam, master the basics of the language (phonetics, grammar and vocabulary).

Compréhension Orale

  • Understanding verbal instructions in public ;
  • Understanding radio programs or recordings ;
  • Understanding a message left on an answering machine ;
  • Understanding a dialog, a discussion between two people.

Compréhension des écrits

  • Reading for orientation in the public domain ;
  • Read personal correspondence for information.
  • Read instructions in the professional field

Written expression

  • Describing an event or recounting a personal experience ;
  • Replying to a message to invite, express thanks, apologize, request, inform, apologize or congratulate.

Oral expression

  • Briefly introduce yourself, mention the highlights of your CV, talk about your work, studies and family;
  • Talk alone for 2 minutes about a specific topic (housing, hobbies);
  • Talk to solve a common problem.

FLE - Level B2

Learn French at B2 level in a flexible way. From expressing your desires to preparing for the DELF exam, master the essential skills in simple, progressive modules.

This programme offers a structured approach to enable learners to understand and participate in everyday conversations. The modules also aim to develop the ability to express themselves on personal or professional subjects, as well as to manage common travel situations effectively.