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Maîtriser les fondamentaux de la langue (phonétique, grammaire et vocabulaire) pour réussir l’épreuve du (phonetics, grammar and vocabulary)..


Listening comprehension

  • Understanding verbal instructions in public ;
  • Understanding radio programs or recordings ;
  • Understanding a message left on an answering machine ;
  • Understanding a dialog,a discussion between two people.


Reading comprehension

  • Reading for orientation in the public domain.
  • Read personal correspondence for information.
  • Read instructions in the professional field


Expression écrite

  • Describing an event or recounting a personal experience ;
  • Replying to a message to invite, express thanks, apologize, request, inform, apologize or congratulate.


Oral expression

  • Briefly introduce yourself, mention the highlights of your CV,talk about your work, studies and family;
  • Talk alone for 2 minutes about a specific topic (housing, hobbies);
  • Talk to solve a common problem.