FLE by APSSA France

French as a foreign
language (FLE)

French as a foreign language (FLE) is a method of learning French designed for non-French speakers.

Choosing our FLE program offers you a quality language learning experience to improve your French skills and achieve your personal or professional goals.

The goals

This course is designed to teach people who do not have a fluent command of the French language and who wish to acquire this skill for professional or personal purposes.

The A2 certificateunder the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) confirms a basic level in a foreign language.


Develop your French language skills significantly.


Promote integration through a better understanding of the culture and social norms of the French-speaking country.


You can access new career opportunities by improving your French skills.
de communication.

FLE by FLE This course is designed to help students improve their oral and written comprehension and expression in French. It aims to develop oral and written comprehension as well as oral and written expression at a basic level.

Module FLE by APSSA - Delf A2

Our offers

Discover our advantageous offers for our FLE (French as a foreign language) courses

Package 1

The first package, consisting of 40 hours of e-learning, offers optimum learning flexibility.

Package 2

The second package consists of 40 hours of e-learning courses, plus a further 20 hours of tutoring.


How can I join the FLE course?

To join our FLE course, please register on our website or contact our registration team. We will provide you with all the information you need to start your French learning journey.

What level is the FLE course offered at?

Our FLE course is specially designed for learners of level A2 in French. This level is suitable for people with a basic understanding of the language who can handle simple, everyday interactions.

Which learning methods are available for FLE? Which hours are suitable for FLE courses?

We only propose online course of French as a Foreign Language (FLE) . We offer flexible schedule of FLE course which will meet with students’ needs

How can I pay for the FLE course?

Please contact us on 01 85 40 00 59 for information about available payment options. + 33 (0) 1 85 40 00 59.